About Us

A Few Words About Us

Stylespex, an initiative deeply seeded in the UK founded in June 2016 is an online eyewear dispensing platform, owned by closely related group of people, structured by professional eye doctors with extreme expertise to create an inexpensive and affordable means for people of different age categories ranging from 16-70 years of age, if necessary, to purchase high quality prescription glasses made solely from high quality material and we have been successful at our dealings. The founder decided they could provide this service at an affordable rate for people, we have been able to achieve Selling at discounted price due to the absence of additional overhead constraints such as retail rent space ,behind the counter employee and expensive displays that your doctor's office must overcome, instead we use an online web for our activities and glasses display, with much less operating cost, we are able to pass these great saving on to the general public to help supply the insatiable demand of eye glasses.

Stylespex operates by experienced high rank professionals that lead in their field of study, they have been able to make different breakthrough on research and development of eyewear with over 10years cognizance. They have spent most of their times on eyewear research and study, covering different styles of eyewear from basic retro styles to high end designer.

We are committed to provide best shopping experience and high level of satisfaction on all purchases. To maintain the quality and service, we source all of our products from UK and within Europe. All prescription glasses are glazed in UK labs and quality checked by dedicated professionals.

Here at stylespex we offer a very wide range of glasses you can pick from including rimless, half-rim, metal, plastic, acetate, titanium and stainless steel glasses. We have various leads, qualities and merits that makes us better than others as below


1.      All Products from EU

2.      All prescription glazing in UK labs

3.      Personalized customer service

4.      Secure and Simple user-friendly site

5.      Filters to bring up the specific type of glasses

6.      Fastest possible delivery

7.      Price match guarantee